A classically trained chef, I love to cook for myself, finding new ways to celebrate every day with good food for myself. As for many professional cooks, after years in the catering industry, working very long hours, I chose to take a step back from cooking as was tired and uninspired. I went on the administrative side of the restaurant business and found myself getting passionate about cooking again, and although newly single, I started discovering a new way of cooking and enjoying food, solo! I’m  passionate about using locally sourced ingredients and avoid any industrially farmed products, especially meats and dairy, I refuse the notion that animals are on this planet only to servce the purpose of feeding us.Besides the inhumane treatment of animals (which is more than enough reason for me) factory farming creates a lot of waste, whether it be with animals or with produce. But that’s a very personal matter and each individual has to make choices according to their values…  I like experimenting with new trends and try to vary my foods, such as eating different whole grains and making nut/grain milks, but I’m don’t exclude anything from my diet. As a general rule, it has to be a whole food to enter my home. I’ll do the transforming myself, thank you very much! And this is where I’ll be documenting it all, hoping to bring some inspiration  to the table and prove that cooking for yourself is fun and fulfilling!