Spring flings – A beautiful crab salad


I am so impatient for strawberries to be in season, I can almost smell them. I fantasize of making strawberry shortcakes, strawberry compote, strawberry vanilla jam, strawberry galette… Thank God for the asparagus and fiddleheads to keep me distracted! As I walking through the market for my weekly errands, some crab legs caught my eye. At first I walked past, as I had no idea what I would make. Then, inspired by a beautiful sunny day, a thought stuck me. How about a salad with the fiddleheads? And I must say, success. Although removing the crabmeat from the shell is lightly more labour intensive than I would like on a Friday, I must say it was well worth the effort 🙂 And if you’re thinking of replacing the fresh crabmeat with canned, I would strongly urge you to reconsider as the freshness of the salad highlights the freshness of the crab, which you would lose with the canned variety. By all means, keep buying the canned crab, only use it for such recipes as crab cakes. The crab and lobster season is so short, I’ll probably cooking up one or the other often over the next two weeks, hopefully the strawberries will show up at the end and I can make a beautiful feast with all my spring bounty!


150 gr. crab meat

1 cup fiddleheads, boiled in salted water for 3 minutes – twice

1 cup new potatoes, boiled whole for 10 minutes, then cooled in ice water

1 small shallot, thinly sliced

2-3 sprigs fresh dill, minced, reserve some fronds for decorating

1 tablespoons each mayonnaise, greek yogurt and cream

1 tablespoon lemon zest

Salt & pepper to taste


In a mixing bowl, blend mayonnaise, cream & greek yogurt with lemon zest, dill, shallots and seasonings. Drain potatoes and dry on kitchen towel, cut into quarters, add to sauce with fiddleheads and blend well. Taste before plating and adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve in a large salad bowl making a well in center to place crab. Decorate with dill fronds. Serves 1. Enjoy with a beautiful rosé!



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